About us

Progedi Engineering S.r.l. is the evolution of STUDIO ASSOCIATO PROGEDI, founded in 1992 by Walter and Enzo di Remigio.

In 2019 the two founders of the original engineering firm, after several years of cooperation, decided to expand the company associating with Ing. Penasa Andrea and Ing. Paoletti Nicola-Maria, in order to increase the capabilities, the flexibility and competitiveness of the firm. This decision brought life to a new, modern, engineering company, although natural evolution of the previous firm.


The company

can count on 7 experienced technicians and the possibility of managing several external collaborations to gain up to 15-20000 working hour per year.

The two original founders of the original engineering firm, Walter and Enzo Di Remigio

gained their experience working for 17 years in a well renowned structural steelwork company and later refined their know-how in other 25 years of activity with their own firm in the sector of structural engineering and shop drawings, transferring their knowledge to the younger affiliates during several years of cooperation.


Progedi Engineering S.r.l. can offer to construction companies, steelwork companies, general contractors, public administrations and private owners highly specialized engineering services, from preliminary design to shop drawings, with special attention to cost saving and time contraction, aiming to the client’s ultimate satisfaction.